Publications in 1998-1999

Yomogida, K., R. Benites, and R. Robinson, Spatial variation of coda wave

     ampltiude in media with a localized heterogeneous region, Earth,

     Planets and Space, 50, 303-312, 1998. (available)

Honda, R., and K. Yomogida, Synthetic seismograms near a finite fault system,

     J. Fac. Sci. Hokkaido Univ. Ser. VII, 11, 611-632, 1999.

Yoshizawa, K., K. Yomogida and S. Tsuboi, Resolving power of surface-wave

     polarization data for higher-order heterogeneities, Geophys. J. Int.

     138, 205-220, 1999.

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